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Make your Bedrooms Beautiful with Rugs

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Floor decoration is the key element of designing for any place. A beautifully decorated floor looks incredibly stunning and makes your place look excellent and top class. But it needs a lot of time and research. You need to consider many factors before designing your floor. Floor is decorated by wood, marble, ceramics, and rugs. Rugs can be the easiest thing to design your floor because it does not need much time to be implemented. You need to consider only three factors for buying bedroom rugs.

  • Color of rugs
  • Your budget
  • Your likes and dislikes

We recommend you to buy the rug that complements the interior of your bedroom. Therefore, the rug must match with accessories of the room. Match the rug with anything i.e. the wall paint, furniture, ceiling, curtains, door or windows. Do not go for the rug which does not stand well with your room. Always look for the best.  We recommend you not to buy large area rugs because it will make your room stuffy and surrounded. 

Find the Perfect Size Rugs 

Always buy the rug that fits well into your place, it should cover those areas of the room where you walk barefoot. Do not go for the large area rugs they are nothing but a disaster, they make your room stuffy and cramp. Go for smaller rugs and bigger accessories and decorations. 

Play with tactics and sizes, it’ll be fun…

 Shapes of the Rug

Shaping is another important factor when buying the rugs for our place. Do not ignore or miss this factor at any rate. Without the right shape even the best designed rug will not fit into your place. It means that the shape of the rug must be kept in view along with the other factors. A right shaped rug complements the room’s structure and creates more space. 

Rugs come in many shapes, which includes 

  • round, 
  • oval, 
  • rectangular, 
  • oriental 
  • Turkish
  • And square.


Round Rug
  • Round rugs cannot be used everywhere especially for narrow places. 
  • They fit well into any open and big place.
  • Round rugs are not suitable for corridors and room entrance.
  • Round rugs fit well under round coffee tables and center tables.


Rectangular Rugs
  • Rectangular rugs are best for decorated and king sized bedrooms.
  • These rugs are suitable for living rooms, seating areas, hallways, and offices.
  • Rectangular rugs are an ideal choice for your kitchen and dining room.


  • Square rugs are best for square-shaped bedrooms
  • Square rugs are also suitable to place under square tables.
  • Square rugs of different designs can make the room colorful and vibrant.
  • These rugs in small sizes are quite suitable for a kid’s room.

Pro tip; since there are many rugs available in the market, all of different shapes and styles. We recommend you to go for the rectangular shaped rugs if you are not an expert and do not know which shape will suit your place. 

How to take care of Bedroom Rugs?

Here are a few home friendly care tips for your rugs. Have a look,

  • Clean your rug regularly or it will be hard to clean it if you do it rarely.
  • Dust off the dirt from the rug through a vacuum cleaner.  Do it on a regular basis to avoid dust sitting inside your rug.
  • Do not spill anything on the rug, if you accidentally just clean it quickly. Do not wait for it to get dry because it will leave a permanent stain.
  • Do not let your pets play with the rug or they will ruin the texture of the rug. Moreover, the fur and dead skin cells will drop on the rugs, which will result in germs and mists.
  • Spray the mixture of vinegar and water on the spots and clean it with a wet cloth. 
  • Hang the rugs under the sun on a strong wire or on a fence every week to eliminate any germs and bacteria. 
  • Dry clean the rugs once every year for thorough cleaning.
  • Keep all the heavy furniture away from the rugs.
  • Do not wash the rugs yourself, take them to any professional. 
  • Change the orientation of the rug ever weak for even wear.
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