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How Crushed Velvet Curtains Can Improve your Place?

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If you have been looking for the latest curtain trends, crushed velvet curtains are everywhere. Crushed velvet curtains add texture and style to your place. As the name indicates crushed velvet curtains are soft, smooth, and luxurious.  They have been used for a long time because of their lustrous appearance and high-end feel. Crushed velvet curtains give a soft shiny appearance due to its unique pile. In this article, we’ll have an insight look at what makes crushed velvet curtains lovable?

How is crushed velvet made?

crushed velvet curtains

Crushed velvet is obtained from velvet, silk, mohair, or other synthetic fabric materials. The fabric material is then crushed under the heavy machine or twisted while the fabric is still wet. This presses the pile in various directions and gives off a shiny and creased texture. Crushed velvet is available in various patterns.  It provides nap in various directions creating a distinctive look that is why it is called an upholstery fabric. Crushed velvet curtains look expensive & elegant and create an opulent look.

Why go for the crushed velvet curtains?

Crushed velvet curtains create an astonishing and commendable look. They give you an equally modern and classic look.  They have natural light fixtures that create natural bling and make the crushed velvet curtains appear shimmery and sparkling. You can create both a fully decorative and a minimalist look with them. They transform your window at once giving it a glamorous & stylish appearance. 

Crushed velvet curtains are available in both earthy tones & vividly bold hues. They add a neutral & an extravagant touch to your place respectively. Both give a beautiful look to your window & protect the window frames as well. You have a wide range of choices when it comes to the crushed velvet curtains, they vary greatly in shades, pattern, pile, & fabric constituents. You can add the crushed velvet curtains along with the lighter fabric curtains like linen, cotton, or silk when you have a limited budget or you want to enhance the minimalist look. On the contrary, if you have a handsome amount of money or you want to go for an extravagant & royal look, heavy crushed velvet drapes alone will be the best addition to your place. With crushed velvet curtains, you do not have to add other curtain accessories which save you money & fall in the same bills when compared with other curtains. 

Crushed velvet curtains are heavy & can efficiently block the light. They are also capable of replacing the blackout curtains. In winters they’ll keep the draughts out & make your place warm. Having crushed velvet drapes will likely reduce electricity consumption & saving you money in the long run. Whereas, in the summer they are not probably the best choice although they can keep the sun out but not make your place cool but help the cooling system to work better & consume less electricity.

Other than light, they block the noise up to a certain extent & help you attain a quiet place. Thus crushed velvet curtains not only decorate your place and make it look better but also provide the other benefits & help you get a perfect nap. Crushed velvet curtains can be a good choice for privacy protection. They are heavy and thick & can block the view. So if you’re worried about your neighbors you keep on peeing into your place or want to hide the interior of your place from the passer-by, crushed velvet curtains will help you the most. 

Crushed velvet curtains are a subtle addition to any place, especially the bedroom. Bring the crushed velvet curtains to your bedroom & add other small velvet accessories for a statement look. This allows you to experiment with the look and allows you to do something different that turns out to be big sometimes. Not only you can add the crushed velvet curtains to the bedroom but other places as well.  For a bold and extravagant look, you can add the velvet sofas and armchairs along with the velvet curtains to your living room. As for the dining room, dark-colored crushed velvet curtains and matching dining chairs create a perfect designer and royal appeal.

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